As you surely know, PHP 5 has been released. Actually, it’s already 5.0.1.

What you also may know is that Gentoo’s dev-php/mod_php package was promoted from -x86 to ~x86. This means from broken to unstable in Gentoo-terms.

This means that I can now make some tests with PHP5 which I already began doing: I’ve upgraded PHP on our developement server to 5.0.1 and it’s working quite well so far. The only problem I’ve come across is this stupid code in a osCommerce installation:

class something{
  function something{
    // do something
   $this = null;

New or old object model in PHP: This is just something you don’t do. Not in PHP, and certainly not in any other language. You should not assign anything to this, self or even Me (or whatever the implicit pointer to your own object is called in your language).

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