MT 3.1

As you almost certainly know, MovableType 3.1 has been released.

Reading the feature list – especially the entry about dynamical publishing – I deceided to upgrade.

Needless to say that much went wrong:

  • The dynamical generation is of no use to me because I’m using (exactly one) cutom tags in my archive template and custom tags do not work with dynamical generation. Too bad. And too much documentatino to read to port it to PHP
  • My beautiful mod_perl setup ceased to work. Somehow MT sometimes (this is completely random) gets a random number back from $q->parse in lib/MT/ Updating Perl, Apache and mod_perl did not help. The effect of this bug is a randomly occuring “Upload too large” error. Back to CGI then… (I’ve opened up a support ticket. Let’s see how good this support really is)

At least I can now use MT-Blacklist as it does not work in mod_perl. Much trouble for setting up something I dont really like either because of its extremely commercial background. We’ll see what the future brings…

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