An experiment

Now that I have some problems with MT (it’s so terribly slow when not using mod_perl), I thought to myself: “Let’s do a little experiment. Let’s try out WordPress and let’s see what happens”

This is what happened. And this is the source of the template.

So. Was it worth it? How is it, working with WP?

While I really like the dynamical generation feature and the OPML-Upload, I have some problems with WP:

  • It’s not as flexible as MT. All those template-functions output much too much HTML (every little bit of HTML-code is too much, actually). I had to change the stylesheet to accomodate wordpresses forced <ul> in the sidebar. And for the links I actually had to patch around in WP for my template
  • MT seems much more polished.

Anyway. As WP is written in PHP and contributions are certainly welcome (it’s free software after all), maybe I should look into contributing something.

And as for the future of I’ve not deceided yet, what I should do: Adopting the other templates would take about half a day to one day, which is terribly much time to invest in replacing something that essentially works.

So, as I said here, I’m going to stay with what I currently have – for now. At least until I hear back from MT about my support ticket, as mod_perl is a requirement for me to be running MT.

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