My favourite Firefox extensions

I’m using Mozilla Firefox as my main web browser. You know, that you can install extensions for every feature imaginable, but maybe, you are like me – undecisive on what to install. Here is my list of extensions I have installed in my firebird, which I’m constantly fond of having:

  • Popup Count. While it has no real purpose, it seems to have no negative effects either, so it’s fun to watch all those popups getting killed in real time.
  • Download Manager Tweak. Useful because the downloads take less space on screen and because I can customize the download managers toolbar with it (I use “open folder” quite often)
  • TargetAlert: Displays a small icon right of links that do not point to an other HTML-File on the same domain. Very useful, though it has two bugs: 1) sometimes when reloading, the icons get duplicated. I can’t actually reproduce it, but I’m trying to 2) the images are added by altering the documents structure (<img>-Tags are added). Using CSS would be nicer, IMHO

While compiling the list and adding the URLs to the link above, I notices that all the extensions come from the same author and that his webpage seems to be down. The former is a coincidence (really!) and the latter is too bad as it kind of defeats the purpose of this entry. But now that It’s written already, I’m going to post it anyway. Maybe, the site comes back.

The one and only theme I use is Qute, though I could possibly get used to the new default theme, but cute was with me for the last year, so I’m having problems adopting to the new one.

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