Explain This!

Would anyone care to explain me this:


I mean: While I can understand that an entry concerning filesharing is very popular and while I really see the sense in the rdf-File being requested often, I can absolutely not understand what’s so interesting about suburban railways!

I for myself certainly find it interesting, but none of the people around me share this interest. Who would have thought that there are more fans of railways out there on the net than there are people having problems with their P800 phone…

Reading logfile analysis can be so interesting at times…

Oh and on another note: I would be really interested to know how many people have actually subscribed to the RDF-Feed and thus are coming back regularly to read what I have to write. So: RSS-Subscribers: Stand up and post a little comment here. A “I do” certianly suffices.

As the traffic really peaks whenever I post an entry, there certainly have to be some subscribers.

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