Web Programming with CSS

For the first time in a very long time, I’m able to use a completely de-table-ized design in pure XHTML and CSS for creating a little web-application in PHP.

While many people just quote less bandwidth usage and better maintainable HTML-Code as the big advantages of using pure CSS layouts, let me add another one: Extremely increased productivity for programmers bringing interactivity to the layout

It’s a real pleasure: Never was it so easy to just concentrate on the functionality. No layout-information creeping into the business logic because it’s the only way to get some stupid placeholder GIF into the layout. No more error-prone stitching together immense and complicated HTML-snippets. No more debugging what went wrong when building one of those complicated layout tables.

And of course: No more pulling out hears when having a look at the size of the generated HTML-Code

I’ve never been as productive in coding a web application than in this case where the HTML-code is clean and the design is where it belongs to: In the CSS (which I don’t have to touch (anymore – the whole thing happens to be written by myself – Richard isn’t that good in CSS yet))

If only all future projects would be CSS-only. It would make live so much easier…

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