Just incredible

Maybe you know it: There’s a big community about remixing video games music at ocremix. Additionally, there’s an ogg-stream available here which is what I’m currently mostly listening to while at work.

There’s some techno in there I really dislike, but I usually just close my ears (mentally) then. But mostly it’s really great sound – especially if you know the games.

Well… And just some moments ago, I listened to Death on the Snowfield which is a remix of Terra’s theme from Final Fantasy VI.

I’ve always been a big fan of the music in said game – IMHO it’s the best thing Noubo Uematsu has done so far. Terra’s theme is the best part of a the best composition of the second best video games composer… you could say that it’s pretty good ;-)

But what made me write this entry: Said Remix is so beautiful – it made me cry (and listen to it over and over again). I really recommend you to get that mp3 and see if you like it aswell.

So good!

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