Nice font…

I have my windows set up with ClearType™ enabled. Now, for Longhorn, they have created some new fonts, specially hinted for configurations with ClearType™ enabled. One of them – Consolas – has a fixed width and is for use in programming environements for exmple.

Sample Screenshot

I really like this font. It’s very easily readable but still looks great and smoothed.

Unfortunately, in environements without cleartype, it looks really crappy. One of those environements, unfortunately still is the Java Runtime and with this the Zend Studio. Actually, no single font i’ve tried in there looks acceptable. The best of them – still – is Courier New which is a real pain.

What I liked most about Consolas is also visible on the screenshot: Usually I’m working on a bright-on-dark editor scheme because it makes the thing a whole lot more readable for me. With consolas I don’t need this any more. The font looks good and readable even on a white background. This in turn takes away a lot of strain from my eyes.

Nice. I’ve copied it over from my Lonhorn VMware-Image to my default working-environement and I’m really, really happy

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