Mozilla Weave 0.2

I have quite many computers I use regularely, on all of which runs Firefox. Of course I’ve accumulated quite a lot of bookmarks, passwords and “keep me logged in”-cookies.

During my use of FF2, I’ve come across Google Browser Sync which was incredibly useful, albeit a bit unstable here and then, so last Christmas, I was very happy to see the prototype of Mozilla Weave to be released. It promised the same feature set as Google Browser Sync, but build from the makers of the browser on an open architecture.

I have been a user of Weave ever since and it was even more inconsistent in availability than what Google Browser Sync ever provided, but at least it was just the server not working, not affecting the client which GBS did here and then, which made me lose parts or all of my bookmarks.

Over time though, Weave got better and better and with todays 0.2 release, the installation and setup process actually got streamlined enough so that I can recommend the tool to anybody using more than one PC at any time.

Especially with the improved bookmarking functionality we got in Firefox 3, synchroniuzing bookmarks has become really important. I’m very happy to see a solution for this problem and I’m overjoyed that the solution is as open as weave is.

Congratulations, Mozilla Team!

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