A look at my IRC configuration

It has been a while since I’ve last talked about my irc setup. Last time was when I initially started to get my feet wet in IRC. In the three years (three years already? How time passes!), I have been active in IRC to various degrees (with some large wow-related holes, but that’s a different story).

Currently, my rate of IRC usage is back to quite high levels, mostly due to #git which is a place where I actually feel competent enough to help out here and then. Also #nesvideos is fun to be in as ever.

What has changed since 2005 is my setup:

  • Whereas back then, I was mainly working on Windows, I have by now switched over to OSX, so the question of clients is raised again, but see more on that later on.
  • By IRC proxy changed from ctrlproxy to ZNC. It’s easier to configure and I’ve had much better success with that than with any other bouncer I tried. It’s the only bouncer I know so far that does the thing I need bouncers for out-of-the box: Log the channel while I’m away and replay the log when I reconnect.
  • The client has radically changed. While I stayed true to X-Chat after my switch to OSX (using X-Chat Aqua), recently, I have tried other clients as Colloquy (no light-on-dark-theme with colored nicks) and Linkinus (not offering any features making up for the commercial nature), but honestly, Mibbit works best. And it works when I’m on my girlfriend’s computer. And it even (somewhat) works on my iPod Touch. And it looks good. And it provides all the features I need. I’m of course still connecting to my bouncer, but that’s easily configured once you create an account there.

IRC is still a very techie world, but it’s such a nice way to spend time on.